Let's Talk Amethyst...A Must Have For Your Crystal Cabinet June 24 2016, 0 Comments

amethyst crystal healing

Purple. Violet. Lavender. Lilac. Even GREEN!! Amethyst comes in so many beautiful shades it is hard to choose my favorite. Different locations produce varying color spectrums. My personal belief is that stones pick you as much as we may think otherwise. In my personal experience in working with Amethyst I find that I am drawn to certain colors and formations for different things. Always go with your own personal intuition and what feels right when choosing your stones.

Most folks know Amethyst to be the February birthstone and one of the more common purple gemstones/crystals when folks are building their personal crystal cabinet collection. A favorite among many and a stone I recommend to all. A beautiful stone in it's own right it has long been used through history, healing and folklore practices.

Throughout history Amethyst has been used in various jewelry. Fine Amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and were also a favorite of Catherine The Great, and Egyptian royalty. Leonardo da Vinci wrote that Amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken one's intelligence. Amethyst and other stones will always hold a place in history and lore.

In crystal healing Amethyst is associated with a few things such as sobriety, anxiety control, dreaming and protection. It is believed to help those going through recovery of any sort and makes a great stone for any type of addiction or addictive behavior. You can add clusters in the corners of your living space to protect your home and ease nightmares. You can use these in physical healing grids and meditations as well.

Chevron Amethyst is said to be especially good for Pisces and provides them with a good source for grounding. It is associated with the element of Air. The chakra that it corresponds with is Third Eye and Crown.

In pagan and wiccan rituals it is associated with Imbolc.

Amethyst comes in a variety of formations and colors as mentioned above but follow your own feelings when working with this stone.





Merry Solstice and Full Moon! June 22 2016, 0 Comments

wildcrafting washingtonnature dayWe are horrible at blogging; no doubt about that ;) We could promise to be better but......who are we kidding. On a serious note, who does not love the turn of Spring to Summer? Here at The Whimsical Offshoot we are nature people in our veins- by we and our I mean me- Jen, tree hugging, nature worshipping, constantly creative, and most importantly child of Debbie; Auntie, Artist, Sensitive Soul, Gaia worshipper and Green Witch.  We all wear many "labels" in society and these I proudly claim as mine.... I am a night owl and moon worshipper- I am actually outside of my humble home at 2:03 am while I type this blog. Some may find that strange, some may not. I love that it is quiet, that I can hear my thoughts clearly- aside from the humming that is coming from the light off my grandma's house. I am almost used to it. Maybe. I live next door to my grandmother in the house my grandma grew up in in her teenage years. I am sure the folks in the neighborhood find it weird that there is a fire going on at a place at 2 in the morning, whatever. Creative folks, moon lovers and those that love the quiet of the late night will appreciate it and understand. I just lost sight of the moon which makes me sad but I still have my fire, so hey<3 Figuratively and literally. Solstice weekend and so much I want to say, put into words, and the night makes that happen for me.  I wish everyone could find a place to reflect and write- even if for just themselves. 

This weekend my husband and I did a bit of exploring around the  off roads of Vader, Chehalis and outlying areas of Washington in this vicinity. We came across some beautiful sites. Some for exploring, swimming and wildcrafting.  We stayed mostly along the Chehalis River and explored a few off roads. 

We came across many berries and medicinal plants today-both make me giddy - pair that with beautiful nature sights and I am a happy girl :)

I am patiently waiting for a few more things to dry before I add some of these wild goodies to the shop. New altar sets, herbs, herbal incenses and bath teas <3  I can't wait to share and offer these to you all. 

Merry Solstice to you all...