Amazonite, Agate, Chinese Turquoise, Magnesite and Rudraksha Bead Stretch Stack Bracelet


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Amazonite, Agate, and Chinese Turquoise are strung onto strong stretch jewelry cord with Magnesite and flanked by Rudraksha beads on each side.

This bracelet fits 6.5- 8 inch wrists.

Agates are believed to foster love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance, courage, protection, balance, harmony, generosity, strength, security and appreciation of nature. Agates are considered very powerful stones. They are also very calming and soothing to the emotions.

Amazonite generally used to help soothe the nervous system and to give some relief to those who are suffering from emotional disturbances. This stone may help with ones metabolism and growth. Amazonite may be useful when trying to express oneself more clearly and improves thinking abilities while regulating them at the same time.

ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION// Gemini and Virgo  CHAKRA//  Throat and Navel   ELEMENT// Air


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