Amethyst Cluster


This lovely purple Amethyst cluster from Brazil measures approx 6.5 x 5.5 inches and approx and 2.5-3 inches tall.

Unable to weigh but between 2-3 lbs

Light to violet purple with goethite inclusions. The base is Celadonite on Basalt.

Amethyst cluster chunk for mineral home decor decoration, rock and mineral collectors, sacred space decor or metaphysical needs.

Lovely Purple Amethyst cluster for a variety of uses.

AMETHYST- This stone stimulates the third eye. Use this stone to ward off nightmares and encourage sweet dreams and restful sleep. This stone may help you to remember your dreams. Amethyst helps prevent psychic attack and helps to clear negative thoughts from the day. Carry, Wear or place this stone in a room to remind you to avoid harmful distractions and change old habits through conscious intent.


CHAKRA// Third Eye and Crown

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