Blue Topaz Rough Healing Stone Set


Natural Blue Topaz from Brazil in 40 gram lots. 

These are not heat treated in any way-all natural stones.

Number of stones depends on lot weight.

Pictures represent a variety of sizes and shades.

Sizes range from 6mm-25mm depending.

These are perfect for your metaphysical needs, crystal grids, collectors and more.

There are beautiful rainbow prisms that are hidden in many of them.


BLUE TOPAZ- Helps to tap into higher realms of awareness to channel Divine wisdom and knowledge. Helps to promote 2 way communication. Great stone for mystics and artists of all realms that brings on inspiration. Calming to emotions and increases awareness of your feelings. Physically may help with headaches and high blood pressure.

ASTOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-------> Virgo and Sagittarius

CHAKRA-------> Throat, Third Eye and Solar Plexus

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