Citrine Points- Set of 4 Crystals


Sunny Citrine in a set of 4 for healing, reiki, or metaphysical  use.


This is for a set of 4 Citrine crystals. 

The photo above is representative of lot you will receive.

These are nicely shaped points in a variety of sizes ranging from .75 inch to 1.5 inches in length.

Most crystals have beautiful Lepidocrocite inclusions and what I believe to be small Goethite inclusions.

You will receive a variety in above size range unless specified at checkout. 


CITRINE- Good for mental clarity and manifestation. This stone activates self confidence and joy. Use this stone to help with depression and relieve feelings of unworthiness. Wealth and Prosperity stone.

ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION---->Leo CHAKRA---->Solar Plexus and Crown ELEMENT--->Fire

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