Danburite Wire Wrapped Pendant Minimalist Jewelry


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This necklace measures approx 26 inches in total length.

There is no clasp as is slips easily over ones head.
***Can be extended with clasp if needed***

The Danburite stone is wrapped in gold tone wire and attached togold tone chain with jump rings.

Pendant measures 27mm long and 13mm wide.

DANBURITE- Helps us chip away at obstacles to achieve our goals. Gives a positive boost to all situations and quickly brings events to a resolution. As a healing stone it activates and cleanses physical energies. Helps us to better stand out emotions and their source.Speeds up thought processes and boosts intuition. Transforms our awareness, making us more sensitive to the unseen levels of creation. Brightness. Transformation. Intuition. ***The Essential Guide To Crystals-Simon and Sue Lilly *** 

Harmony and Happiness stone.

CHAKRA------> Heart and Solar Plexus


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