Golden Tigers Eye, wood and Chalcedony Stretch Stack Bracelet


Golden Tigers Eye adorned with brass accent beads, wood beads and a large Faceted Chalcedony stone. Light Wood beads can have essential oils applied if you wish. 

Rolls on to fit  up to 8.5-9 inches

TIGERS EYE-  Great stone for clear thinking, helps to see a problem objectively when confused or emotionally affected. Said to release tension and develop will power. This is a useful stone in attaining balance and remaining grounded and focused on reaching your goals. May help one to gain insight into their own faults. Believed to protect from evil and attract good luck. Male Energy. Useful in dream work for remembering your dreams. Helpful in improving eyesight, as well as digestion and absorption of your foods for ultimate nutrition.


CHAKRA// Solar Plexus, Navel and Root 


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