Natural Smoky Citrine Phantom Crystal Tower- BACK ORDER


This listing is for One random BACK ORDERED Natural Smoky Citrine Phantom crystal tower point. It has been cut and polished into it's current shape. The photos above represent a variety and give you an idea of what yours may look like. They are pictured with a quarter for size reference.

Again, you will receive ONE random BACK ORDERED Natural Smoky Citrine Phantom Point Tower from Brazil.

Because these are on BACK ORDER you are receiving a discount of roughly 25-35% off the regular listing prices of 75-95 dollars. This is a great deal if you are looking to invest in a nicer piece at a discount for the regular price quality.

These RANDOM BACK ORDERED crystal towers range in size from 4-6 inches tall and 1.5- 3 inches wide. Sizes will vary with each stone but these are an approximate.

They weigh roughly 275-350 grams, about a half pound to 3/4 pound. Each stone varies.

ALL of these are NATURAL Smoky Citrine and contain phantoms.

Current BACK ORDER time is 3-6 weeks. If you don't mind the waiting period you will be very pleased with these beautiful towers.

You can see other listings for this same item in our shop to see more photos of comparable towers you may receive.

NATURAL CITRINE- This stone carries a powerful frequency that allows for the clearing and strengthening of the manifestation channel and ones's personal will. The purifying properties of this stone come from its natural Smoky Quartz energy combined with stimulating Fire element energy it carries. Natural Citrine is a great stone for Chakra work. This stone may help one perceive and heal issues of power abuse and feeling of powerlessness. It enables one to understand the proper course of action to resolve situations for the higher good. This stone lends the courage and fortitude to make hard choices or take difficult actions. Physically this stone supports the endocrine system, encourages proper metabolism and enhances physical stamina/energy.

CHAKRA---> Root, Navel and Solar Plexus

SMOKY QUARTZ- Great stone for protection and deflecting negativity. Is a useful stone for those that work with electronics as it deflects electromagnetic frequencies. Smoky Quartz is a also a great grounding stone and quiets the chatter of the mind. In crystal grids and meditation these are valuable stones. Use in intention setting, when feeling scattered or going through emotional trauma.


***A PHANTOM crystal appears ghost like within the body of a larger crystal. Owing to it's method of formation, a phantom has absorbed learning over eons of time. It puts the past in perspective yet points the way towards growth and evolution. This crystal may be useful to one to overcome stagnation****

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