Orange Calcite Chunk Cut Base 3.3 Pounds


Orange calcite chunk with cut base.

Lovely creamy orange patterning

4.75 inches wide and just shy of 5 inches tall.

This has a lovely soft, sunny energy coming from it and it would make a great altar stone, crystal grid center, metaphysical tool and more.

ORANGE CALCITE- Great stone to use when doing shamanic journey work.This stone is a gentle guide to the inner workings of the emotional body through spiritual means. Keep this stone close when going through a rebirth, use in Reiki, and other spiritually aligned practices. Orange Calcite brings about our creativity, action, play and creating a fertile life. Orange Calcite may catapult you into taking actions on your ideas to bring them to fruition. Helpful in processing feelings stored in your consciousness and promoting positive thoughtforms. Must have self esteem stone.

ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION// Cancer   CHAKRA//  Sacral and Solar Plexus ELEMENT// Water

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