Oregon Petrified Wood Pendant Necklace


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Beautiful polished Oregon petrified wood is wrapped in non tarnish .999 silver wire.

Measures approx 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inch wide at the largest part.

Stone is soft and polished on both sides with intricate shades of tan,cream and brown.

A true gem of the Northwest to wear with you in a formal or casual setting.

Chain is a silver plate steel chain with measuring 28 inches. No clasp as it slips easily over head.


PETRIFIED WOOD- Wood that has become fossilized over millions of years to make a powerful combination of tree and stone. Lends us the ability to be flexible but strong. This is a stone that increases perseverance and patience. Conveys a sense of permanence of the distant past and anchors us to the planet. You may also place a piece of petrified wood on a part of your body that feels weak to restore energy.

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