Oregon Petrified Wood Pendant Necklace-Wire Wrapped Pendant


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Beautiful polished Oregon petrified wood is wrapped in fine .999 silver wire with Copper core.

Measures approx 3 inches long and 1.75 inches wide at the largest part.

Stone is polished on both sides with intricate shades of Brown, Tan, Creme, Beige and Sand

A true gem of the Northwest to wear with you in a formal or casual setting.

Chain is a silver plate steel chain and slips easily over ones head so there is no clasp.


PETRIFIED WOOD- Wood that has become fossilized over millions of years to make a powerful combination of tree and stone. Lends us the ability to be flexible but strong. This is a stone that increases perseverance and patience. Conveys a sense of permanence of the distant past and anchors us to the planet. You may also place a piece of petrified wood on a part of your body that feels weak to restore energy.

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