Rainbow Fluorite Standing Points


Sold Out

You will receive ONE random standing Fluorite point.

The tones vary from light to dark in the following colors Lilac, Purple, Teal, Blue, Green, and clear.

Sizes range from 2-3 inches in height and approx .5-.75 inches in width.

Approx weight is 30-40 grams

Great altar stones, metaphysical tool or mineral decor.

FLUORITE- Stone of focus. great for meditation and those with scattered minds. Great palm stone for calming your thoughts and stress relief. Fluorite supports the brain in thinking through complex situations. This stone is beneficial to anyone working with computers as it helps deflect the electromagnetic fields from computers and electronics. Helps us go with the flow and embrace challenging emotions.


CHAKRA----->Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus

ELEMENT--> Water

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