Amazonite Wire Wrapped Pendant Mineral Jewelry


This piece of rough blue  Amazonite is wrapped in 24 gauge copper wire and paired with dyed blue Calcite. Smooth Amazonite, Peruvian Opal and Copper beads are also wrapped in Copper wire and attached to Copper chain. 

This necklace measures 35 inches approx and slips easily over the head. 

The stone has a lovely sheen with beautiful blues.

Measures 1.5 inch approx and 1 inch wide. 

Makes a great healing stone jewelry piece, amulet, talisman or air energy necklace.

AMAZONITE- Generally used to help soothe the nervous system and to give some relief to those who are suffering from emotional disturbances. This stone may help with ones metabolism and growth. Amazonite may be useful when trying to express oneself more clearly and improves thinking abilities while regulating them at the same time.

ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-->Gemini and Virgo ELEMENT--> Air CHAKRA--> Throat and Navel

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