Red Tigers Eye Sphere


This listing is for ONE Red Tigers Eye crystal sphere.

AVERAGE size is APPROX .75 inches.

AVERAGE weight is APPROX 12.3 grams

Each piece is unique in it's own natural makeup.


RED TIGERS EYE- Wonderfully grounding force in spiritual discipline when necessary. May be helpful in removing the energy around procrastination. This stone is said to amplify business acumen and helpful in reading between the lines to perceive the bigger picture. Entrepreneur stone. Determination amplifier. Use this stone to bring out your personal power, inner strength and let go of any paranoia and fears. Physically this stone supports your root chakra and strengthens your connection with the earth. Red Tigers Eye is said to help boost libido and increase feelings of sensuality.

ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION--Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn
ELEMENT-Fire, Earth

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