Silver Blue Topaz Raw Mineral Necklace


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This rough icy blue topaz necklace is just shy of 22 total inches approx in length.
***Can be shortened or lengthened if you like just let us know in notes***

The gold plated cable chain is decorated with a natural, gemmy wire wrapped piece of icy Blue Silver Topaz. Photos show pictures of both side and the unique pattern on the stone.

There is a very nice rainbow in this piece .

The crystal measures 1.25 inches long approx and .5 inch wide approx. It is wrapped in 26 gauge non tarnish gold tone wire.

Their is a pinch claw clasp for a closure.

BLUE TOPAZ- Helps to tap into higher realms of awareness to channel Divine wisdom and knowledge. Helps to promote 2 way communication. Great stone for mystics and artists of all realms that brings on inspiration. Calming to emotions and increases awareness of your feelings. Physically may help with headaches and high blood pressure.

ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-------> Virgo and Sagittarius

CHAKRA-------> Throat, Third Eye and Solar Plexus

WHITE TOPAZ- Works to help us with the process of clarifying one's intention helping to align it with Divine Will and manifestation in the physical world. Because it is colorless it is neutral in its magnification of the energy focused through it- you must be conscious and responsible in your use of these stones. Hold the highest intention to receive the most positive results. Helpful in focusing us to learn faith more easily and making us conscious co-creators.

ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONAries and Gemini CHAKRA Throat, Solar Plexus and Crown ELEMENTAir

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